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Computer Applications 9 (Code-165)

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Blueprint’s Computer Applications Class 9 based on Microsoft Office, provides the best and most comprehensive understanding of the computer science subject. The focus of the book is on developing basic concepts and skills required to operate a computer. This book caters to the change in curriculum as posted on the website and the CBSE circular No Acad -07/2018, dated March 09, 2018. The changes in curriculum and the marks distribution have been entirely adhered to as per the latest update.


  • Chapter surf: Objectives at the beginning of the chapter
  • Dashboard: An introduction to the chapter
  • Pop-Up: In-text questions for assessing the understanding of the learner
  • Factopaedia: Additional facts and figures to enhance the interest of the learner
  • Access Point: Relevant information related to the concept 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Quicker methods for navigating and executing commands 
  • IT Glossary: Definition of some important terms in the chapter 
  • Memory Stick: Quick recapitulation of the important points. 
  • Troubleshoot: Exercises for assessment at the end of the chapter that includes a variety of questions:
    • Solved and unsolved objective type questions 
    • Solved and unsolved subjective type questions. 
    • Application-based questions giving real-life situations 
  • Blueprint’s Computer Applications Class 9 also includes Lab Exercises as stated by the new curriculum and include: 
    • Word Processing Projects
      • Letter Writing 
      • Writing a Letter in MS Word 2010 
      • Report Writing ˉ Writing a Report
      • Formatting the Report 
      • Greeting Card Making 
      • Poster Making

    • Presentation Projects 
    • Spreadsheet Projects 
    • Scratch Projects 
    • Python Programs
  • A QR code with animations and step-wise explanation of the lab exercises has been included.
  • The Answer Key for all chapter exercises and Periodic Test Papers is also available.


  •  National Cyber Olympiad Sample Questions 
  •  3 Periodic Test Papers





Shilpa Sablok Bhardwaj


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