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Exam Mate English Language & Literature 9 + Handbook for Supplementary Reader

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Blueprint’s Exam Mate English Language and Literature 9 boldly declares to adhere to the Remodelled Assessment Structure implemented by CBSE. It takes into account the four sections of english with emphasis on ASL. All sections and assessments in the book abide by the CBSE guidelines of no segregation of terms and the withdrawal of the earlier assessment pattern.
Blueprint’s Exam Mate English Language and Literature, emphasises on self-learning for the learners.
  • Task-oriented Sections with Ample Exercises to Reinforce Learning
  • Structured and Well-graded Content Matching CBSE Examination Pattern
  • Test Papers in ‘Listening and Speaking’ Section to Gauge the Learners’ Language Skills
  • Three Periodic Test Papers and Two Annual Test Papers as per the new assessment pattern
  • The Audio for Listening Tasks in ASL
  • Extra Practice Sheets for Grammar and Writing Sections
  • Extra Sample Papers for Enhanced Practise
ISBN 978-93-86014-29-0
AUTHOR Dr. Mousumi Sharma and Sudipta Mohanty
EDITION Latest Edition
    Blueprint’s Exam Mate Handbook, a solution to NCERT Supplementary Reader Moments and Text book Beehive will enable the learners to understand and comprehend segments of Prose and Poetry better. The explanation through summaries, character introduction, word meanings, and extended literary terms will ensure complete assimilation.The detailing of Prose and Poetry of both prescribed books by NCERT follow a structure, in the Exam Mate Handbook, as stated below:
    • Introduction to the Chapter: The opening statement invokes a reason to read further.
    • Who is Who: This states the characters involved.
    • Summary: This highlights the gist of the story/poem.
    • Word Meaning: These provide an explanation to difficult words, within the text.
    The Exam Mate Language and Literature Answers: The answers to practice questions for Section C (Literature), in the Exam Mate Language and Literature, have also been included under the following divisions:
    • Extract-based Questions
    • Short Answer Questions
    • Long Answer Questions (value based)
    Textbook Corner placed in every chapter deals with the following:
    • NCERT Supplement Reader and Textbook questions with their answers
    • Thinking about Language: Answers to questions related to grammar
    • Writing: Answers regarding writing letters/articles/requests/command with the updated format of writing



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    Latest Edition