Master Mind CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank English Language & Literature 10

Master Mind CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank English Language & Literature 10

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Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank is a well thought of compilation of content covering the entire prescribed text in a form which makes learning a treasure. The students will benefit abundantly from Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank as it teaches the content in a concise yet precise manner without compromising on quality.

Blueprint’s Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank English Language & Literature for class 10 strictly adheres to the New Examination Policy and Remodelled Assessment Structure as stated by CBSE.

Salient Features

Chapter-wise: Master Mind Question Bank has been prepared Chapter-wise, so that a student can prepare the entire syllabus chronologically

2019 Examination Paper: This will help a student to understand the pattern of the question paper and assess his/her difficulty level.

Sectional Categorisation: The Question Bank has been categorised in different sections, viz. Reading, Writing and Grammar and Literature Textbook and
Supplementary Reading Text to facilitate planned preparation.

Previous 10+ Years’ Questions: CBSE examination questions (2008 onwards) acquaint the students with the pattern of questions asked in Board Examination.

Sectional Questions in Accordance with Question Paper Design: In each section, the questions are categorised strictly in accordance with the question paper design.

Chapter Summaries: The section on Literature Textbook (First Flight) and Supplementary Reading Text (Footprints without Feet) contains Summaries of prose and poetries.

Formats of Letters: The formats of letters of different categories are given. This will help the student to attempt letter writing with confidence.

Tips on Story-Writing: Tips to write a story are given. This will help the students to score good marks in story writing.

QR Codes: Chapter-wise QR codes are given to have instant access to additional unsolved practice material in the form of chapter test.

Sample Papers: Sample papers (80 Marks each) according to the latest blueprint specified by CBSE have been embedded.





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2020 Board Edition