Master Mind CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank Social Science 10

Master Mind CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank Social Science 10

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Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank is a well thought of compilation of content covering the entire prescribed text in a form which makes learning a treasure. The students will benefit abundantly from Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank as it teaches the content in a concise yet precise manner without compromising on quality.

Blueprint’s Master Mind Chapter-wise Question Bank  Social Science for class 10 strictly adheres to the New Examination Policy and Remodelled Assessment Structure as stated by CBSE.

Salient Features 

Chapter-wise: Master Mind Question Bank has been prepared Chapter-wise, so that a student can prepare the entire syllabus chronologically.

2019 Examination Paper: This will help a student to understand the pattern of the question paper and assess his/her difficulty level.

Fast Track Revision: A quick recall of the chapter is gained through this.

Knowledge Boosters: These are designed to provide additional knowledge to the students.

Previous 10+ Years’ Questions: CBSE examination questions (2008 onwards) acquaint the students with the pattern of questions asked in Board Examination.

Categorisation of Questions: The questions as per the pattern prescribed by CBSE viz., Objective Type Questions (1 Mark), SAQs (3 Marks) and LAQs (5 Marks) have been categorised systematically.


Map Work: Accurate maps strictly in accordance to the prescribed syllabus help the students to attain a full score in map-based questions.

QR Codes: Chapter-wise QR codes are given to have instant access to Dateline for all the chapters of History as well as Concept Maps highlighting the salient topics concerned to the chapters.

Sample Papers: Sample papers (80 Marks each) according to the latest blueprint specified by CBSE have been embedded.





Blueprint Editorial


2020 Board Edition