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Applied English Grammar & Composition 9 & 10 (Combined)

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Blueprint’s Applied English Grammar & Composition is a comprehensive course in English, intended to equip learners of classes IX and X with effective reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as a good grasp of grammar concepts, as they prepare for Secondary School Examination. They will certainly find the book useful and handy as it has an integrated, multi-skill syllabus which focusses on learning the concepts and skills well and applying the acquired knowledge effectively.


  • Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening and Speaking sections based on the revised CBSE guidelines and rubrics
  • Comprehensive passages segregated into:
    • Factual passages
    • Discursive passages
  • Writing section comprises diary entries, article writing and short stories in Class IX. Formal letters (to the editor, letters of complaints and enquiries, letters to place orders) and short stories based on visual/verbal cues in Class X.
  • Grammar section with extensive integrated practice exercises to reinforce learning and facilitate application of acquired knowledge
  • Vocabulary section includes synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and words often confused
  • ASL section provides the learners the opportunity to communicate correctly, effectively, spontaneously and confidently
  • Periodic and Annual Test Papers for Classes IX and X, in accordance with the latest Assessment Pattern, have been included
  • Sample Paper (Solved) for practise has been given in Class X





Madhulika Singh


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